Big Game Fishing Yate Sofia

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What do I wear to go on the fishing boat?

The clothing and footwear that we recommend is the sports type, comfortable, with a coat in case the weather changes. It is also important that we recommend that you bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, and if you think you might get dizzy during the trip to the sea, an anti-seasickness pill.

Do you have a transfer, pick-up and drop-off service at the hotel?

We only carry out the transfer service in the southern area for Private Charter and you should always consult us before.

When hiring the excursion with you, do I have any type of insurance on the excursion?

Yes, of course, the ship is also required to have insurance to be able to work with clients on board.

Do I need a license to fish with you?

No, it is not needed because the company is registered so that the boat is the one that has the fishing permit for the passengers

This is the first time I am going fishing, will the crew help me?

The crew will assist you and will try to answer your questions. Help him if he manages to hook a big fish. The languages spoken by the crew are Spanish and English.

What is the language the crew speaks?

The languages spoken by the crew are Spanish and English.

Is it possible to go fishing in the afternoon or at night?

Yes, sometimes we make trips in the afternoon, and the departure is usually from 2 in the afternoon. We do not carry out departures at night.

I want to give a person an excursion, how do I do it?

You can simply book it with us, you give us that person’s data and tell that person the date you are going to fish.

You assure me that I am going to catch safe fishing or is it a matter of luck?

In fishing, the issue of luck has a lot to do with it, and we don’t guarantee fishing, and I don’t think any boat guarantees it.

Will I be able to see dolphins, whales or turtles?

It is also not guaranteed, but what are pilot whales are usually seen, they are usually seen almost daily.

If I don’t catch anything, what enjoyment will the output give me?

Well, he is going for a walk on the high seas and he has had the option of catching a great fish but he has not had any luck. We cannot change the fortune of each one there.

I have read comments that clients of yours did not have a good time, and did not fish, can it happen to me?

It can happen to anyone to do a fishing trip of 4 hours, 7 hours, 15 hours, … in fact there are professional fishermen who do not go out for sport or hobby but to earn a living and they are looking for 10 and 15 days. tunas and they can’t catch any.

What kind of drinks and meals do you include in your outings?

On the 4-hour departure, fruit and mixed sandwiches are offered, usually prepared instantly on the boat.
The 7-hour departure is varied, there is no set menu, it is usually fast food, type sandwiches.
Soft drinks, water and beer are served on the boat. With the beer issue, you can’t have as much as you want. If you want to have a case of beer, we will say no.
If you want to bring your own food for any special reason, you can bring it to yourself.
In the Private Charter you can order a meal to your liking, there are people who order us the typical Spanish paella or typical Canarian food, mojo, wrinkled potatoes,…. We take care of bringing it and it is included in the price. If I want to bring my own food, I can take it.

What do I have to do to not get dizzy? Can I get seasick on the boat?

An hour or half an hour before boarding, arriving at the ship, from 9 or 9:30 because we leave at 10 o’clock you already have to have the pill ready. In case of seasickness on the ship the first solution is to lie down, lie flat, do it. lowest possible dizziness usually passes a lot.

Is there any area protected from the sun on the boat?

Yes, of course, the boat has a shaded area, it has a cabin, it has a living room that can seat about 8 or 9 people. And we have a bathroom too, of course.

What happens if I get dizzy and we don’t catch anything?

Hahaha, because you are going to have a bad experience, it may happen that you get seasick and there is no fishing, it may happen.

If it’s raining, do we go fishing?

If it is raining heavily, we sometimes cancel the trip. Not if they are sporadic rains. What usually happens here in the south of Tenerife is that it rains for 10 minutes and then stops, it does not prevent us and we go fishing. But, if the part is heavy rain, which is 2 or 3 times a year, that, then we cancel it.