Big Game Fishing Yate Sofia

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Shared Fishing Trips

What is a Shared Fishing Trip?

Shared fishing trip is that the boat will go out with a maximum of 9 fishermen in the 4-hour day, or with 7 fishermen in the 7-hour day, and perhaps the 7 fishermen do not know each other. They have come by different paths and have reached the Yacht Sofia. What would be related to other amateur or professional fishing people.

Can someone who doesn't go fishing come with me?

Yes, there is a spectator place.

Is it possible to go fishing with you more times in a shared excursion?

Yes, there are clients who come and in the same week they leave 3 or 4 times.

Do shared fishing trips last exactly 4 or 7 hours?

Yes. We have been given the case of the last half hour we hooked a Marlin or a large Tuna, large we say 200 kg or 300 kilos, and the capture of an animal of this size usually lasts two or three hours, so, obviously we will arrive two or three hours later at the port.

On a shared fishing trip, can I swim in the sea?

No, normally no, we don’t do that.

Can I choose the reel or the fishing rod that I want?

Basically there are two types of equipment, the equipment used for bottom fishing, which is usually a smaller equipment, and the equipment used for trolling or deep-sea fishing, which are more powerful reels. We assign it, but they’re just all more or less the same.

From what age can you go out as a fisherman or fisherwoman, or as a spectator?

They have come on board to baby of months even