Big Game Fishing Yate Sofia

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Deep sea fishing catches

When you talk about fishing catches, what do you mean?

Capture we say when a fish that has been hooked on the hook, we manage to bring it close to the boat, and it depends on the species if it is brought on board or released.

What is done with the fishing catches? Can I take it?

Some small species, yes, the client to cook or eat it at home or in the apartment can take it, we are talking about small fish, which do not exceed 3 or 4 kilos in weight. We cannot give the large pieces to the client.

What is the best time to fish for Big Marlin or a big fish?

Well, the Marlin season does not start before May, at the end of April, in May you can already go looking for the Marlin and the good stage ends around October or November.

Why is the Marlin a highly desired fish in fishing?

It is a very strong fish, it has a lot of speed and it is very spectacular in its jumps. When it comes out of the water, it is very spectacular, apart from the colors it has, it is the most spectacular fish and the most coveted by world fishermen.

Do you catch Marlin or big fish every day, or is it an occasional catch?

No, the Marlin at the time. There are weeks that are very good and there is luck and you can capture every day in the same week but there can be a whole week that we don’t see any.

If I catch a Marlin, do we release it?

Yes. For years we have been releasing all free Marlins