Big Game Fishing Yate Sofia

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Professional fishermen and fisherwomen

I am a freshwater fisherman. I have never fished in the sea. Is fishing very different? how is it different?

The basic techniques of all fishing remain the same for the sea as for freshwater, but hey, fishing is something that is very broad, there are too many changes, there is obviously a difference, but if you are a freshwater fisherman you will not have any problem of fishing in salt water.

I have the best fishing equipment in the world and I want to take it with me, can I bring my own equipment?

You can take your fishing equipment on board the Sofia Yacht, in fact there are many clients who repeat year after year with us and bring their own fishing equipment.

I want to fish with another type of technique, I am a professional, is it possible?

It is possible there are many types, there are many different fishing techniques and more and more are appearing, there is jing, spinning, trolling, bottom fishing… there are many types of fishing and well, more and more things are being invented. If the client requests it, we can make some type of special exit, not in the shared one.