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  2. The Yate Sofia website presents professional company information to interested users. Users can contact to request information or make a reservation of services. Users find the Yate Sofia website through search engines, links from other websites, physical advertising media, other people, etc.
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  4. To contact Yate Sofia you can do so through the telephone numbers published in the “Contact” section of the website. The contact information is (+34) 922 79 61 67, or by email
  5. La website es una página web de servicios profesionales con el único objeto de mostrar los servicios profesionales. Si existe algún interés en las imágenes, videos o cualquier contenido publicado en la website se ruega contactar con Yate Sofia. Los archivos contenidos que forman la website son de tipo gráfico (.jpg,.png,.ico), archivo texto.
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  10. If you wish to contract any of the services or receive information, you must contact Yate Sofia by telephone, email, contact form on the website or postal address.